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Cold Weather Guidelines


AC Inspire Cold Weather Guidelines

AC Inspire uses the US Soccer’s Recognize to Recover program as the basis for our cold weather guidelines.


Dress for the Cold

Layering clothing in a specific way is recommended and very effective. The layers can be added or removed based on body temperature and changing environmental conditions, such as temperature and wind. During colder training months, players must wear hats and gloves and layer clothing as described below.  Players should avoid sweating before going outside because your body will cool too quickly.  Players should wear the following layers:


  • Inner Layer 1 - wicking layer (wool or polyester)

  • Middle Layer 2 - insulated layer (fleece or wool)

  • Outer Layer 3 - water & windproof layer


During the winter months (December through March), the AC Inspire Board will notify the coaches and team managers if outdoor sessions are canceled due to cold weather. Coaches and team managers can not cancel sessions without approval from the AC Inspire Board. Coaches and team managers will be notified by 2pm the day of on weekdays and by 8pm the night before for weekend sessions.


Determining the “Feels Like” Temperature

The AC Inspire Board will convert the forecasted temperature and wind speed into a “feels like” temperature using the following chart from US Soccer.


The AC Inspire Board has set the following “feel like” temperature guidelines for deciding when to cancel practices/games:

Note: In wet environments with colder conditions, the AC Inspire Board will use additional caution to recognize potential cold injuries.

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