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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To provide an opportunity for female athletes to develop as both soccer players and young women by creating a competitive yet encouraging environment for them to succeed.

Our Philosophy


Flexibility to Accommodate Demanding Schedules

We recognize that player schedules can be filled with many commitments. Not only do we work to schedule practice times that best fit the needs of our players, but we also offer training programs that can be completed at home to keep up with skill and conditioning levels during demanding time periods.

Encourage Multi-Sport

We believe there is a benefit in diversified training. We want our athletes to be well balanced in their interests and training and to not feel “burnt out” over time. Our flexibility supports our multi-sport athletes.


We promote self-care to ensure our athletes take care of themselves off the field so they can perform their best on the field. We provide education from expert guest speakers on mental wellness topics such as anxiety and stress management and also partake in mindfulness activities such as yoga and meditation.

Partnerships With Local High Schools

We develop relationships with local high schools to align player development needs and support the pride our players have in their school programs.

Fit for Life Mentality

We emphasize fitness and strength training for both performance and injury prevention. Fitness training will be integrated into team practices and training programs. There will be opportunities to attend additional fitness sessions. Also all teams will follow a specially designed active warm up for injury prevention.

Community Togetherness


We value unity both on and off the field with our teams. We have a big sister program to unite players of all ages. We also offer social opportunities for players and their family to participate in throughout the year.

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