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Tryout Evaluation Areas

Technical Ability

  • First touch

    • Being able to receive balls on the ground or in the air may be one of the most important skills in soccer.

  • Use of both feet

    • Using the proper foot and surface of the foot when passing or shooting can create more opportunities.

  • Comfort with the ball

    • Coaches are looking for players that are confident with the ball.

Tactical Ability

  • Game IQ

    • How well players read the game and make good decisions like when to dribble and when to pass.

  • Transitional play

    • How well players focus and quickly change from attacking to defending and defending to attacking.


  • Speed

    • A player's quickness over shorter distances can be a huge benefit in soccer.  Mental speed is also important which is their decision making with and without the ball.

  • Endurance 

    • A player's fitness is important to allow them to attack and then recover back to defend.

  • Determined play

    • Coaches are looking for players that go in hard on 50/50 balls (tackles and headers) and regain possession.


  • Confidence

    •  A confident player wants the ball at their feet and is not worried about making mistakes.

  • Enthusiasm

    • Coaches are looking for players that are going to bring energy and a positive attitude to every training session and game.

  • Passionate play

    • Especially within both the attacking and defending penalty areas.

  • Communication

    • Talk from players, especially on the defensive side of the ball, makes the game easier for the entire team.

  • Coachability

    • Coaches are looking for players that take constructive feedback well and are always looking for ways to improve their game.

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